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Gath – 38.03 Acres of Extremely Well Located Lincoln Co., SD Land

LAND AUCTION – Location, Location, Location!!

38.03 Acres of Extremely Well Located High Profile and High Percentage Tillable Extreme Northern Springdale Twp., Lincoln County, SD Land Located within 1 mile of Sioux Falls, SD with Some Futuristic Development Potential in Tempo with the Growth of both Sioux Falls & Harrisburg, SD

The owners of this land have decided to offer this unique parcel of land at public auction, with the auction to be conducted “on site” at the land located from Sioux Falls, SD – Western Avenue (473rd Ave.) & Hwy. #106 (271st St.) – ¾ mile south; from Harrisburg. SD – ½ mile west on Co. Hwy. #110 (273rd St.), 1 mile north on Hwy. #115, 1 mile west on 272nd St. and ¼ mile north on 473rd Ave.; or from the Tea, SD Exit #73 on I-29 – 2 ½ miles east on Hwy. #106 (271st St.) and ¾ mile south on 473rd Ave.

WEDNESDAY JUNE 21, 2017           SALE TIME:  10:00 AM

 ATTENTION – ROW CROP OPERATORS, INVESTORS & OTHERS IN THE MARKET FOR A WELL LOCATED PRODUCTIVE PARCEL OF LAND WITH SOME LONGTERM FUTURISTIC DEVELOPMENT POTENTIAL – This auction presents the rare opportunity to purchase a well located parcel of land with present agricultural value and some excellent long term upside potential.  This land is situated in at a bustling area close-in to Sioux Falls, SD and is only approximately 1 mile south of two new Harrisburg School Bldgs. and also is located near the path of the proposed future Hwy. #100 bypass.  This land lies adjacent to 473rd Ave., which is a southerly extension of Western Avenue.   

If you have vision and an entrepreneurial spirit, then this is a property which deserves your utmost attention, as this property has significant present agricultural value and is situated in an area near southern Sioux Falls that is experiencing expansive growth evidenced by the recent construction of two Harrisburg Schools (Endeavor Elementary and Harrisburg North Middle School) that are within approx. 1 mile of this property, and also by the existing and new residential housing situated just north of the property in Sioux Falls and also in areas within a close proximity surrounding this property in Lincoln County, SD, including rural subdivisions in Austin Court, adjacent to the south of the property in Willow View Acres and approx. ½ mile south of this property in Fountain Estates.  This property also is within approx. 1 mile of Hwy. #106 and the proposed route of the SD Hwy. #100 Highway Bypass running east from the I-29 Tea Exit.  Thus, this property appears to have some significant long term future development potential with the future southerly growth of Sioux Falls and continuing development in northern Lincoln County, SD, and most specifically in the area between Sioux Falls & Harrisburg, SD.  According to FSA information this parcel of land is estimated to contain approx. 36.8 acres of cropland with a 33.7 acre corn base with a 91 bu. PLC yield and a 2.5 acre soybean base with a 29 bu. PLC yield.  According to the Lincoln Co. Assessor this land has an overall soil rating of .745 and info. obtained from Surety Agri-Data, Inc. indicates this land has an overall  productivity index of 69.6, with approx. 30 acres comprised of Class I & II soils.  The general topography of this land is level to nearly level.   According to the Lincoln Co. Treasurer the 2016 RE taxes payable in 2017 on this property are $1,011.68.  According to Lincoln Co. P&Z this property presently has no remaining rural housing eligibilities.  The productive cropland and the significant agricultural value of this land, along with the superb location of this property with frontage along 473rd Ave. which is a southerly extension of Western Ave. traveling south of Sioux Falls,  along with other features of this land and aspects of the vicinity that makes this an especially unique and desirable property, and that, coupled with the fact that this is a relatively small parcel of land should make this a property that will be affordable and of interest to a variety of buyers in the market for land located within a close proximity of Sioux Falls, SD.

LEGAL DESC.:  The S½ N½ SW ¼, (except the N. 200’ of the W. 433’ thereof, and except that portion of Rollinger Tract 1 contained therein) of Sec. 27, T. 100N., R. 50W., (Springdale Twp.), Lincoln Co., SD, containing 38.03 acres according to the survey thereof.

TERMS:  Cash – A 10% non-refundable downpayment on the day of the sale and the balance on or before August 10, 2017 with full possession of any unharvested crops.  A Warranty Deed will be conveyed and Owner’s Title Insurance provided with the cost of the owner’s policy divided 50-50 and a closing agent’s fee, if any, to be divided 50-50 between the buyer and seller.  All of the 2016 RE taxes payable in 2017 in the amount of $1,011.68 will be paid by the seller, in addition the seller will pay 100% of the 2017 RE taxes payable in 2018.  The acres in this property are based on the acres stated on a survey as prepared by Midwest Land Surveying, Inc., with the purchase price to be calculated on the surveyed acres, with the acres understood to be “more or less.”  The sellers do not warrant or guarantee that existing fences lie on the true & correct boundary, any new fencing or future maintenance of fences is the responsibility of the buyer in accordance with SD law. This property is sold as agricultural land under present Lincoln County Zoning.  Any future zoning is subject to the Harrisburg Municipal Platting Authority and/or Lincoln County Planning and Zoning, and is subject to any related zoning conditions and requirements, with any or all future development costs to be the responsibility of the purchaser. This property is sold in “AS IS” condition and the merchantability or suitability of this property for any particular purpose is not guaranteed.  The RE Licensees in this transaction stipulate that they are acting as agents for the seller.  This property is sold subject to existing easements, restrictions, reservations or highways of record, if any, as well as any or all Harrisburg Zoning Ordinances and/or Lincoln County Zoning Requirements.  Sold subject to confirmation of the Owners.  For additional information contact the auctioneers.


 CHUCK SUTTON – Auctioneer & Land Broker – Sioux Falls, SD – ph. 605-336-6315

JARED SUTTON – RE Auctioneer & Broker Assoc. – Sioux Falls, SD – Cell ph. 605-864-8527

TOM & TED SOUVIGNIER – RE Broker Associates & Auctioneers– Canton, SD – ph. 605-987-2404




June 21, 2017


10:00 am


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Gath Land Auction
271st St.
Harrisburg, SD 57033 United States


Chuck Sutton
Jared Sutton
Tom Souvignier
Ted Souvignier

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