Don’t bet the farm on just anyone.

When it comes to auctions – experience counts!  Nothing beats experience when auctioning a clients lifetime assets from land to personal property.  Chuck Sutton learned the auction business from his grandfather and other leaders in the auction profession and today, continues the tradition of success with integrity, a thorough understanding of the marketplace and commitment delivering exceptional results.


SOLD!  $4,475.00/Acre!  Fri. Nov. 17th – 10:00 am – +/-152.25 Acres of Unimproved Rock Twp., Pipestone Co., MN Land – Judith A. Tiedeman Estate

Mon. Nov. 20th – 10:00 am – 40 Acres of Unimproved Pleasant Twp., Lincoln Co., SD Land

Chuck Sutton Auctions

Yttreness - 40 Acres of Unimproved Pleasant Twp., Lincoln Co., SD land

Monday, Yttreness – Lincoln Co

Ottoson - Firearms, Ammo, Reloading Equip., Decoys & Fishing Equip, Sporting Items, Snowblower, Tiller & More!

Saturday, Madison Armory

Weber - 133.69 Acres of Pleasant Twp., Hanson Co., SD land

Wednesday, Weber

Johnson - Retirement Farm Equipment Auction

Thursday, Johnson

Frost Estate - Personal Property Auction

Saturday, Flandreau Community Center

Anderson - +/-144.09 Acres of Unimproved Fountain Prairie Twp., Pipestone Co., MN Land

Thursday, Anderson

McVenes - +/-82.14 Acres of Unimproved Palisade Twp., Minnehaha Co., SD Land

Friday, McVenes