Don’t bet the farm on just anyone.

When it comes to auctions – experience counts!  Nothing beats experience when auctioning a clients lifetime assets from land to personal property.  Chuck Sutton learned the auction business from his grandfather and other leaders in the auction profession and today, continues the tradition of success with integrity, a thorough understanding of the marketplace and commitment delivering exceptional results.


SOLD!  $10,250.00/Acre  Wednesday – June 21st – 38.03 Acres of Extremely Well Located, High Profile Lincoln Co., SD Land – Western Ave. & Hwy. 106 SFalls, SD – Mark & Leah Gath

Thursday – June 22nd – 5:00 pm – Ronayne & Marlene Anderson – Personal Property Auction – 304 Park Ave. S, Lake Preston, SD

Chuck Sutton Auctions

Ronayne & Marlene Anderson - Personal Property Auction

Thursday, Ronayne & Marlene Anderson

Western Locker - Retirement Meat Processing & Locker Equipment Auction

Wednesday, Western Locker

Vortherms - 2 Story Home & Personal Property in Sioux Falls, SD

Thursday, Vortherms

Donald Koistinen Estate - Personal Property Auction

Saturday, Koistenen