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Congratulations Chuck on your Minnesota Auctioneers
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1.   thanks·giv·ing/ˌTHaNGksˈgiviNG/


1.    The expression of gratitude

As the season of Thanksgiving approaches , all of us at Chuck Sutton Auctioneer & Land Broker, LLC, Kuhle-Sutton Agency, LLC  & Pipestone Realty, LLC wish to extend to - our family, our friends, business associates and clients a blessed thanksgiving and a happy holiday season.  We would like to express our gratitude for past business opportunities and we thank each and every one of you for your patronage this past year and look forward to serving you in 2015.  Best wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Chuck & Val Sutton, our staff and all of us affiliated with

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Welcome to Sutton Auction!

When it comes to auctions - experience counts

Since many auctions deal with the sale of the clients lifetime assets experience is key. Chuck’s experience is unequaled as his auction company has handled many auctions of great magnitude such as Real Estate auctions which have resulted in multi-million dollar events as well as numerous other land, acreages, commercial and developmental properties and thousands of real estate auctions of all types - large and small. In addition Chuck has sold thousands of personal property auctions including farm machinery, business liquidations, tools & specialty items, antiques, guns, furniture & virtually all types of personal property. Chuck believes irregardless of the size of an auction all clients deserve the finest services which his firm has to offer. Chuck is currently a licensed Real Estate Broker in the states of South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa and Nebraska. Chuck Sutton is recognized as a leader in the auction profession proven by the fact the he conducts 175 to 200 auctions annually and further evidenced by the fact that he was inducted into the SD Auctioneers Hall of Fame 2012 and most recently, the Minnesota Auctioneers Hall of Fame in January of 2014!